Adorable, friendly, purr-fectly wonderful kittens.....Beautiful spotted
patterns with nice contrast.....Very expressive faces and attitudes with that coveted African Serval look.  All kittens come with a health
guarantee, current on their vaccinations and an A++ personality.   Please contact us for availability, or to be put on our waiting list !!  I do
not accept deposits until your preferred litter has arrived and you have selected your kitten.

Average kitten price...from pet to breeder. Quality determines price. Males are not fertile until the F4 or F5 generation.

Males                                                   Females
F3 $1500 - $3000                                F3 $1500 - $5000
F4 $1200 - $5000                                F4 $1200 - $4000
F5, F6, SBT $1000 - $6000                 F5, F6, SBT $1000 - $5000   
Shipping  cost within continental United States - $350 - $450 (Not included in purchase price)

Pet prices listed with individual pictures.....Inquire for Breeder Pricing
All kittens sold as Pets will be Spayed or Neutered  (included in purchase price) before going to their new homes.



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